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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

BlogCreatorAI is an artificial intelligence-powered content generation platform that helps you create high-quality, SEO-optimized blog posts in a matter of minutes.

Once your order is completed, we will send you a file containing all the information about your blog post(s), including the title, meta description, category, tags, and HTML-formatted content. We will also provide instructions on how to easily import your bulk blog posts into your WordPress site for free.

BlogCreatorAI aims to provide high-quality content, but if you find that any generated blog posts need revisions, you can edit the content directly in the provided HTML-formatted file to make the necessary changes.

BlogCreatorAI can generate blog posts in a matter of minutes. The exact time may vary depending on the number of posts ordered and the complexity of the topics, as well as the number of orders ahead of you. However, our system is designed to work quickly and efficiently to deliver your content as soon as possible.

BlogCreatorAI uses Stripe payment links to securely process payments for our services. When you're ready to place an order, you'll be redirected to a secure Stripe payment page where you can enter your payment details. Stripe is a trusted payment processor that ensures your sensitive information remains safe and secure throughout the transaction.

Stripe supports a variety of payment methods, including major credit and debit cards (such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc.), as well as other popular payment options depending on your location. This allows you to choose the most convenient payment method for you.

BlogCreatorAI is designed to work with a wide range of industries and niches. Our advanced AI algorithms are capable of understanding and generating content for various topics. However, the quality of the generated content may vary depending on the specificity and complexity of the niche. We don’t allow the use of our models for the following:
  • Illegal activity
    • BlogCreatorAI prohibits the use of our models, tools, and services for illegal activity.
  • Child Sexual Abuse Material or any content that exploits or harms children
    • We report CSAM to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • Generation of hateful, harassing, or violent content
    • Content that expresses, incites, or promotes hate based on identity
    • Content that intends to harass, threaten, or bully an individual
    • Content that promotes or glorifies violence or celebrates the suffering or humiliation of others
  • Generation of malware
    • Content that attempts to generate code that is designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
  • Activity that has high risk of physical harm, including:
    • Weapons development
    • Military and warfare
    • Management or operation of critical infrastructure in energy, transportation, and water
    • Content that promotes, encourages, or depicts acts of self-harm, such as suicide, cutting, and eating disorders
  • Activity that has high risk of economic harm, including:
    • Multi-level marketing
    • Gambling
    • Payday lending
    • Automated determinations of eligibility for credit, employment, educational institutions, or public assistance services
  • Fraudulent or deceptive activity, including:
    • Scams
    • Coordinated inauthentic behavior
    • Plagiarism
    • Academic dishonesty
    • Astroturfing, such as fake grassroots support or fake review generation
    • Disinformation
    • Spam
    • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals
  • Adult content, adult industries, and dating apps, including:
    • Content meant to arouse sexual excitement, such as the description of sexual activity, or that promotes sexual services (excluding sex education and wellness)
    • Erotic chat
    • Pornography
  • Political campaigning or lobbying, by:
    • Generating high volumes of campaign materials
    • Generating campaign materials personalized to or targeted at specific demographics
    • Building conversational or interactive systems such as chatbots that provide information about campaigns or engage in political advocacy or lobbying
    • Building products for political campaigning or lobbying purposes
  • Activity that violates people’s privacy, including:
    • Tracking or monitoring an individual without their consent
    • Facial recognition of private individuals
    • Classifying individuals based on protected characteristics
    • Using biometrics for identification or assessment
    • Unlawful collection or disclosure of personal identifiable information or educational, financial, or other protected records
  • Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, or offering tailored legal advice without a qualified person reviewing the information
    • BlogCreatorAI’s models are not fine-tuned to provide legal advice. You should not rely on our models as a sole source of legal advice.
  • Offering tailored financial advice without a qualified person reviewing the information
    • BlogCreatorAI’s models are not fine-tuned to provide financial advice. You should not rely on our models as a sole source of financial advice.
  • Telling someone that they have or do not have a certain health condition, or providing instructions on how to cure or treat a health condition
    • BlogCreatorAI’s models are not fine-tuned to provide medical information. You should never use our models to provide diagnostic or treatment services for serious medical conditions.
    • BlogCreatorAI’s platforms should not be used to triage or manage life-threatening issues that need immediate attention.
  • High risk government decision-making, including:
    • Law enforcement and criminal justice
    • Migration and asylum